The Aurochs

Far to the east, beyond Sardin’s Wall, lies the land known as the Domain of The Aurochs.

These lands were ruled over by the Orcish emperor known only as The Aurochs. It is said that he was a towering Orog, perhaps the largest of his kind. His skin was pale white, a sharp contrast to the usually dark skin tone of his people.

Before his appearance, orcs and Orog led nomadic lives, traveling In small family groups and warring among one another. Within a few short years, The Aurochs had rallied his people around him, and transformed the lands of the east into a grand empire.

Shortly thereafter, they went to war with the dwarves of the neighboring lands. Their losses during the war were great, and they were ultimately driven back when Sardin the Stoneshaper drew the mountains from the earth to protect his people.

Some say that The Aurochs waits beyond Sardin’s Wall, raising his armies in preparation for the day when he can conquer the dwarves who defeated him in the past.

The Aurochs

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